The three main performance of Shenggong sewing machine needle

Shenggong sewing machine needle in high-speed, high temperature, high strength work, also needle machine was in direct contact fabric and sewing machines, which requires the needle machine must be able to adapt to it, on the other hand to has good processing capacity. It should be required to have a certain degree of performance of the sewing machine needle.

(1) strength and toughness. Strength refers to a component by external force, it has the ability to resist external damage. Resilience refers to the ability of the component to be restored to its original state after deformation due to the external force of the member. The strength and toughness of the component are determined by its material, shape, size and processing method.

(2) heat dissipation. In the process of high speed sewing, due to the sharp friction between the machine and the fabric, it will generate a lot of heat, so that the temperature of the machine is increased. Requirements of the sewing machine needle has good heat dissipation performance and reduce as much as possible in the course of sewing needle warming.

(3) sewability. Sewability is mainly manifested in the needle sharp, does not damage the fabric machine needle, transport line smooth, continuous line, line clear, regular and beautiful. The needle tip penetration depends mainly on the fabric, so the tip must be sharp and penetrating as far as possible to reduce the resistance, at the same time to ensure that the fabric tissue has been destroyed.

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