The common faults and processing methods of sewing machine

The young workers sewing machine common fault and processing method summary:

Common fault 1: disconnection. Possible reasons: needle machine is too thin and thick sewing material; machine needle height is wrong, or in the wrong direction; joint thickness, push and pull seam too. Processing method: gravity machine needle; correction needle position; reduce the sewing speed, do not push and pull.

2 common faults: skipping. Possible reasons: machine needle size and seam thickness of disproportionate; machine needle bending or quality is not good; machine needle height wrong and wrong direction; seam thickness, large load, slow speed needle lag; when sewing thin material, pressure foot pressure. Processing method: reselective machine needle needle; replacement; position correction machine; adjustable speed needle and shuttle anastomosis; increase the foot pressure.

Common fault 3: section line. Possible reasons: wear line method is wrong, or the facial suture too tight; coarse or size of the needle seam and the thickness of the asymmetric; rubber joint surface wire lubricant concentration is low; oscillating shuttle but not smooth, the shuttle skin is too short; needle plate pinhole coarse. Treatment methods: to step by step to wear line adjustment of surface tension; replace a new needle; heavy with lubricant; with a fine gauze lighting, replacing lock skin; with emery cloth polishing.

Common fault 4: off the bottom line. Possible reasons: the bottom line is too tight; bobbin in the bobbin case rotation is not flexible; bobbin anti loaded; bobbin winding loose chaos; bottom line thickness unevenness. Approach: to adjust the bottom line tension; change bobbin; U-turn can be installed; bobbin rewind line; replace the bottom line.

5 common faults: solid matrix trace. Possible reasons: the bottom line tension is not consistent; the bottom line hanging bubble is too thick. Processing method: adjust the line tension; select the line to be less than the line line.

Common fault 6: fuselage vibration. The possible reason: the head and the motor coordination is not good; the load of the machine head is too heavy; the machine frame has not put flat. Processing method: adjust the motor and the head of the coordinate position; slow down the sewing speed; adjust the rack four angle screw so that the rack flat.

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