Sealing Machine

GK20-DN-2S series sealing machine is the company in the DN-2, DS-9, GK-8 sealing machine is developed on the basis of a new sealing machine. The machine adopts closed automatic lubrication, has a larger needle bar stroke, strong upper and lower synchronous conveying mechanism, thick seam performance is strong, stitch, stitch uniform appearance. The key parts adopt high quality carbon alloy steel material, after finish machining, heat treatment on the surface of the two has the high hardness and glossiness and dimensional accuracy, improve the smoothness of the machine is running, the shaft sleeve, connecting rod adopts wear-resisting strll bushing, enhances the machine abrasion resistance, so the machine, high speed, low noise, durable and convenient maintenance, is the paper bag factory, cement and chemical olants, such as sewing special equipment of various kinds of woven bag factory.

 Max. Sewing Speed  2200/min
 Max Sewing Thickness  12mm
 Stitch Length  15mm
 Stitch Formation

 Double Line With Chain Stitch

 Single Line With Chain Stitch

 Needle Type  DR*2. 230-300 GK230-300
 Suture Standard  polyester thread 21 4-9 stocks
 Power  0.37kw
 Overall Dimensions  55*37*50cm
  Weight  35kg
 Lubrication way  oil scraper plate oil splash lubrication

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